Sunday, December 03, 2006

December Greetings

Off to the PaLA retreat tomorrow, so next week's entry will have a lot of information for you all!

I am also including a link on the side bar ---> to the Allegheny County Youth Services Wiki, maintained by Allegheny County Youth Services Coordinator, Kelley Beeson. This site has wonderful information regarding grant opportunities and other information of interest to youth services professionals. If you have a site from your county association, or another site that you think would be valuable, please send it to me by either commenting here or in an email:

In the meantime I would like to create a listing of members with a short introductory bio and a picture (if you wish) so that we can get to know one another better. Please send me a little bio and a picture if you wish to be included.

I hope that you will be able to take some time off, or at least move a little slower some time this month!

Take care,

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