Thursday, December 21, 2006

More on Spring Workshops

Thanks to even more of you who wrote offering to host a spring workshop at your library! Still looking to fill some geographic holes so please let me know if you are still interested and able!

I emailed Kim Snyder and got some more information about what it would take to get this all up and running and it looks great. It may even help with this issue of fundraising, depending on how many register for the workshop (non-PaLA members would pay a bit more, Kim suggested).

Those who have volunteered to present at the workshop will be fully reimbursed for travel and overnight (when needed) expenses. If you are still thinking about volunteering to present, just let me know!




Kelley said...


You're doing SUCH a fantastic job of connecting everyone! You rule!

Anonymous said...

Ing, what can I do to be of service to you and yourworkshops? Now that I have finally gotten signed into blogger (yea!) I can be a real pain -er, help.

Yes, you are indeed doing a great job!