Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thank you!

I received offers from Linell Mankey, Director of Chartiers-Houston Library, Penny Talbert, Community Relations Coordinator at Ephrata Public Library and Dolores Colarosa, Head of Children's Services at Brentwood Public Library to host a spring cont. ed. workshop. If anyone else is interested in hosting, please email me, I hope to set up workshops so that easy travel is possible. Possible topics for the workshops include a C.S.I. mystery that attendees will participate in and then be able to set up at their own libraries, a homeschooling workshop that was presented at PLA in Boston this past spring and teen programming on a shoe-string budget.

Thank you also to the folks who have sent in Bios. Check the Links list to see them and look for more, as many of you wrote and said your bio is forthcoming. No need for a picture if you don't have one available or if you would rather not post one.


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Kelley said...

Looks like exciting things are on the horizon! Please let me know what ACLA and I can do to help with things! I'd like to get more professionally involved, so I'm happy to do whatever I can!