Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Minutes from the most recent Youth Services Task Force Meeting

Many thanks to Lynn Hahn from Bethel Park for attending the May Youth Services Task for Meeting! Here are the notes that she took. Note the SRC themes for the next few years! Start planning! HA!

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PaLA Youth Services Task Force
May 18, 2007

Summer Collaboration of the Summer Reading Committee 2008
· It will involve 44 states
· MD - Maryland is thinking of joining
· TX, TN, NH etc have not joined in
· Annual Management meeting about the collaboration
· Voting is based on the # of Public Libraries
· Using a new definition of what is a Public Library=Stationary buildings/not Bookmobiles
· Voting is currently taking place as to the changes

Summer Reading Themes in the Future
2008 SRC Catch the Reading Bug
Teens Metamorphosis @ your Library
2009 SRC Be Creative @ your Library
Teens Teens Express Yourself @ your Library
2010 SRC Concept will do with Water – Recreation Water Colors
Science etc.

Contracts for Materials
Highsmith has the approval for the 2010 contract- 2 year contract
Demco has not made a bid
Bylaws state that it is a member driven Organization
Dues are $2.00 per library + $65.00
Many details as to the payment and management of the monies

SRC 2008 Workshops – Catch the Bug and Metamorphosis @ your Library
29 Districts
· $700 to do own Thing
· $350 must go to Books
· Must Charge for Food
· Helping small libraries buy additional books for collection
· Template for ½ day and full day workshop
· Ideas for School Day Visits
· Ideas for Outreach
· Manuals will be available early-possibly in the fall

Susan Pennebaker, Office of Commonwealth Libraries –Received award
Also a finalist for Governor’s Award

Early Intervention Programs
Head Start
BoardMaker – Velcro on pages – International Symbols – Sign Language

One Book Every One Child
Suzanne Bloom - A Splendid Friend, Indeed was taped from PBS
Mid-Atlantic Area
Boyds Mills Publication was good at buying ahead of time

Book for Next Year
Taking Suggestions
Good to Split Author and Illustrator

Preschool Connections
17 libraries in NE
Pictures Important – Buy Digital Camera
4 Days of Professional Development – then Grant Money
2008- Curriculum - Want to add to People’s Professional Knowledge

DLC September 5, 2007 – Advocacy for Libraries and Children
Promotion and Advocacy will be highlighted
Possible Workshops Around the State – How to do Presentation to Adults

DLC September 6-7 2007 – Grantville
Advocacy Program – Research for Children
Exercises to do with Children

Customer Services
Look at your Front Door!
How much junk is there?
Carolyn Highman – Speaker – Customer Centered

Take Back with You and Do
Competencies - All children come together
Publication – Send out to libraries – so you can see what is being done
Build well rounded Children’s Department
Help Directors hire - Volunteers are valuable
Safe School Initiative – Evacuation Plans
Home Providers

Family Fund Guide – OBEYC
Successful Learners are Healthy Learners
CHIP – Insurance – Now anyone can get it – just at different amounts – pay a part

New Business

New Chair – Jennifer Stocker – Administrator – Dates for meeting – List names

Task Force
Redesign - Proposing Different Make-up of Task Force
State Consultants for Child Services
Propose -Made up of Different Libraries who are Working with Children
District Advantage – District Consultant
County Consultant/Assistant Person to cover Rural Areas

Mission Statement
Redesign present statement

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Reading!

How is it going? You probably don't even have time to answer!
I am still looking for your success stories regarding school cooperation for the August issue! (back to school kinda thing!)
Also, is anyone doing Summer Reading Online? Please share your stories!
Have a great week!
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