Monday, November 27, 2006

PaLA Website

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
I wrote to Ellen Wharton at PaLA and asked her if we could link this blog to the PaLA site. She said that they are updating the site and are going to include a "members-only" section. She suggested that other divisions might be adding their own blogs and we could wait until then and link it then. She also gave me an email list of all of the folks in the YS division. I'll be emailing everyone this week to say hello and make sure we have the right email addresses.
Thank you so much, Denise for emailing me about the minutes! I have updated them and included your name.
Next Monday there is a retreat for incoming and outgoing division officers. I hope to learn more about what it means to serve you all in this capacity!

Also, had a question about the Carolyn Field Award- where there honor books this year? Just wondered!



Kelley said...

Hi All!

It looks like we're moving forward very nicely since our complaining session at PaLA! From the email that Denise Pulgino Stout sent out, I created a great little fact-sheet for my upcoming district services meeting (including a link to this blog!) so we should be getting people in Allegheny County nicely informed about our YSD. Now that I'm more informed, I can keep the district more informed! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I am trying desparately to connect with this blog and have not yet succeeded! But, like at the meeting, I will keep trying!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally! I have succeeded! Woo hoo!!!!!
Yes, here I am, after many failed attempts to get into blogger.

So, have all of you been able to see the starter webpage I sent in about getting the word out to members? With Clio's approval, I think they are going to try and put it in the PaLA Bulliten too.All comments & suggestions are welcome. I need to get frontpage at work to spiffy up the web stuff while I am in think mode. I also need to start designing the postcard to send to YSD members to get them here & the website then hopefully they will be informed and connected to YSD!