Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Busy Week!

Tomorrow is the Best Practices Award Luncheon in Harrisburg! I hope all of you are going to be there! I am SERIOUSLY bummed, as I will not be able to attend...this is probably TMI, but I ended up with a kidney infection and can't make the trip. :-(. But it will be an amazing day and a time to celebrate all of the wonderful things that PA Libraries are doing-- all of the wonder things that YOU are doing, that is!

Friday is the first of the Spring Continuing Education Workshops. We have great group of folks signed up for this workshop in Shaler. If by some chance you are still thinking about going--- email me kalchthaleri@einetwork.net before noon on Thursday and just bring your check and your registration form on Friday. But please email me just so I can make food arrangements for you!

I am getting a great response regarding the writing groups you are doing and look forward to including that in the Bulletin article in May. I have also discovered that in SEVERAL places on the YSD blog I have spelled Bulletin wrong. This is very embarrassing, but is part of my history...for 7 years I was a church pastor it was even more necessary to spell bulletin correctly, but sadly I never learned.

So--- keep watching for the BULLETIN and keep sending your writing group info for the BULLETIN and have a great week!




Denise said...

I certainly hope you are feeling better, Ms Ing. I too have been ill -pneumonia is no fun. The Ealry Learning Forum was very nice - I could listen to Jenny Birkmayer anytime. She knows so very much about young children! Congrats to all of the winners. Someday we will be there too!

Ing said...

Feeling much better, Denise! How are you dear? DUDE, PNEUMONIA! What is up with that! DUDE! That is so great that you went to the forum! You are definately a winner, sister!

Kelley said...

Denise was there? Darnit, I didn't see you there Denise. Would have loved to have said hello! Brad Fish and I were just talking about you!