Monday, February 05, 2007

Lots of Stuff!

First of all, I hope that you are keeping warm! Currently in Pittsburgh, it is 2 degrees. Joy!

Second-- a reminder from an email Paula Gilbert sent out about the Early Learning Forum and Best Practices Awards Lunch - MARCH 21 at the Harrisburg Hilton from 9 AM - 3 PM. Don't miss out!

Third-- Mary Morgan Smith, Head of Children's Services at Northland Library recently shared a local dry cleaner approached her last summer about donating 2 new bikes to give away for Summer Reading prizes. Needless to say these were a HUGE draw, a big hit! In talking with the dry cleaner, Mary found out that dry cleaners are a very generous group and want to give back to the community. Mary's particular dry cleaner got the bike idea from another dry cleaner in Boston. She has also been in touch with other dry cleaners in PA and is encouraging them to contact their local libraries to see what they can donate for SRC. (who knows, one of us may get a call!) Does anyone else have any other dry cleaner stories? Is this a project that we could organize state wide? Let me know what you know and/or think!

Fourth-- Don't forget about the Spring Cont Education Workshops. We are so excited to have just gotten word that Pittsburgh businessman David W. Hunter will helping to refray the costs of the workshops. Many thanks to Mr. Hunter for his generosity toward this endeavor. And many, many thanks to our presenters and wonderful host libraries! I will be turning the registration flyer in to Ellen at PaLA this week and they will be mailed to your soon. But save the dates now! Thank you to all of you who sent emails and questions about the workshops. It should be a great experience for all!

Fifth-- PaLA Program Proposals, please (that's a lot of alliteration) email them to by Feb. 23 so that they can be "sponsored" by the YS Division. Many wonderful proposals have been received already, please, keep them coming! If you sent a proposal but did not receive an email from me in response, please send it again, as the SPAM filter is quite strong!

And sixth and last--just finished the March PaLA newsletter article which will share all of YOUR amazing programming ideas. Look here next week though for even more information and photos. If you have more intergenerational programming ideas you would like to share, please email me and I will include them here.

Have a great week and stay warm!




OFL Youth Services said...
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OFL Youth Services said...

Is there a registration form for the Early Learning Forum?

Ing said...

Sent you an email, OFL, did you get it? Thanks! :)