Monday, February 26, 2007

Intergenerational Pictures

Finally I have posted the pictures that were sent to me from Shippensburg Public Library, Lisa Rhinehart, Head of Children's Services and from Chris Teter, Head of Children's Services at Newtown Public Library. Click Here to see them!

Later on today I will post a copy of the article that will be in the March issue Bulletin and also the great booklist and promo materials from Ellen Meanix Helfrick, Director of Children's Services at the Kaltreider- Benfer Library in Red Lion, PA.

Hope all is well with you, more proposals came in this weekend and thank you so much for sending them. I know the deadline is today, but I will welcome any until you might still have out there up until this Thursday!

Don't forget about the Early Learning and Best Practices forum in March! CLICK HERE to download the postcard!


ing :)

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