Friday, October 22, 2010

YSD Business Meeting Agenda

PaLA Youth Services Agenda
Annual Business Meeting
October 25, 2010

Introduction: Welcome
Introduce board members
Laureen Maloney Chair
Mary Glendenning vice-chair, chair-elect 2011
Patte Kelley, secretary/treasurer
LeeAnn Anna, vice-chair 2011

Carolyn Field Award


Best Practices Awards:
Michele McIntyre, chair of the PR/Marketing Committee
Will report on the changes for the Best Practices Awards

Electronic networking
Blog “field reporters”
PaLA Website YSD
YSD Facebook discussions,events

Library Practices:
Responsible for bringing to the attention of the membership all issues, trends, and ideas that affect the concerns of librarians. Advocacy.

Professional Development:
Programs and explore grants for professional development

Fundraising for YSD
On-line silent auction
On-line garden sale
Logo-Brand for YSD to identify ourselves


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Anonymous said...

Will the minutes from the meeting be posted for those of us who were unable to attend? Thanks.