Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Year , New Challenges!

My name Laureen Maloney and want to introduce myself and two other members of the YS division, Mary Glendening , vice-chair, from Narbeth Community Library and Patte Kelley, secretary/treasurer from Carnegie Library. As the new board members, we have an awesome responsibility. This initial communication is the hardest to make. After this it will be easier. As I tell my staff, "baby steps". One of the reasons I haven't sent anything out until now is that I am going through "the binder". I need to understand how the division functions and it's role and responsibilities in PalA. I'm beginning to understand!
I recognize we are are all feeling overwhelmed at our libraries with staff and budget reductions, but I hope we can over come the challenges to do our best and continue providing quality services to our patrons. Together we can achieve great things and I ask your help in keeping the Youth Services Division a vital part of PaLA.
Stay tuned ... there's more to come!

Thank you
Laureen M. Maloney
Head of Children's Services
Lackawanna County Children's Library
520 Vine Street
Scranton, PA. 18509
570-348-3000 ext. 3027

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Barbara said...

GREAT work on the blog! First chance I had to look at it was today, if you need help on my corner of the state, just holler!

Tony Chestnut loves...the blog!