Monday, February 25, 2008

Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library

Some terrific things are happening at Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library:

We are getting ready to start a new TAG and make a new area for teens. We went to the workshop in the fall and won a really cool table which we have installed two laptops on. We're excited about it.

I have another resource I thought was important. I found a website that gives out free seeds ( well, almost free, you have to pay shpg./handling charges). It is called the America The Beautiful Fund and they will send packets of seeds with a request letter from your organization. We sent one last week so children could get a packet of seeds with their Up, Down, All Around book at our library events.

Just thought you might want to share with others and I thought this was a cool place to do it.
Kim King
Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library

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